Yanchep National Park (WA)

Yanchep National Park makes the perfect place in an uncluttered national park to experience a true Aussie environment. Visitors can explore Aboriginal culture, take part in a cave-tour, and appreciate its heritage, Australian flora and fauna, with kangaroos and coalas included, stroll along trails of the park, enjoy a picnic in natural surroundings or dine in one of the restaurants of the Park.

The Park offers a range of nine fascinating paths ranging from 500 m to 55 km in length. Crystal Cave is open daily for tours. Caves, gorges, pristine coastal humidity or historical haunted remains, can be seen. Choose your fitness and timeframe for a walking trail.

Book a special opportunity at Cabaret Cave, Perth’s only cellar for hire, for a unique experience. A visually incredible, acoustically sensational and natural air conditioning is this purpose-modified natural cave. Since the 1930s, Cabaret Cave serves and can accommodate up to 200 people.

You want to stay, take advantage of the luxury accommodation of the Yanchep Inn and have a picturesque view of the fauna of Australia.

How far is Yanchep National Park from Perth?

  • The distance between Perth National Park and Yanchep is 51.9 km by road.

Are there koalas in Yanchep?

  • While not native to Western Australia, since 1938, Yanchep has been home to a koala colony.

How much does it cost to get into Yanchep National Park?

  • The admission fee for a private car to the national park has increased from $13 to $15, from $7 to $8 per car as a concession cost, and from $7 to $8 for motorcycles.

content: westernaustralia.com

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