White Water Rafting Queenstown

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Husband and wife team Paul Steane and Michele Cordwell-Steane founded King River Rafting in 2014. We began White Water Rafting in Queenstown in 2014 after working with the Tasmanian government for nearly 40 years with the intention of returning something to the state that had been so good for us.

We saw the King River ‘s potential as a rugged white water rafting destination with a passion and love of wild places and Tasmania’s rivers in particular. Hydro Tasmania ‘s capacity to regulate the King River flow was a crucial ingredient in our idea ‘s success. The Tasmanian community has come together with the help of Hydro Tasmania and the hospitality of the renowned West Coast Wilderness Railway to create a commodity that we and all of Tasmania can be genuinely proud of.

Our wonderful qualified guides will take care of you and safely lead you down the river, ensuring you get the best experience. Since the moment we arrive at Queenstown West Coast Wilderness Railway Station to when we say our goodbyes at the end of the day your health and happiness will be at the forefront of the minds of the guides. Purchase a picture USB and a company drink bottle as keepsakes of your trip on the west coast of Tasmania, and make sure you tell all your King River Rafting mates.

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