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Ultimately Sydney is a CITY TOUR specialist, offering an array of fun and informative itineraries that have been tried and tested over the past 12 years.

Essentially-Our mission is to show off Sydney’s fundamentals, to give you the basic knowledge, deep down in your heart. The font was chosen to reflect our goal of being the Australian way, free and easy.

SYDNEY-Our location. The font is bold and solid to express that what we are doing is serious. That we are standing firm with confidence, power and honesty in our service.

The compass highlights our goal of providing experiences covering all facets of the region.

Sydney City is an ever-changing, growing metropolis; it offers a fresh and inspiring experience for first time tourists and locals alike-EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Itineraries consist of history , culture and lifestyle with a strong food and beverage emphasis and can be custom designed to suit anyone from an person to a large community. Our team goal is to be the ultimate explorers – through history, food, art and iconic locations we are constantly searching for fun, new ways to entertain and inspire our guests.

Our greatest strength is the valuable, dedicated and trustworthy ‘human’ relations we have around the city with third parties on the ground. If you are looking for an itinerary covering the typical highlights as well as a collection of our most fashionable restaurants , bars, art galleries and interesting spaces then we are your partner.

Last but not least, Sydney is proud of its luxurious new Mercedes-Benz vans and sedan fleet with a professional tour guide behind the wheel. We give tours in Cantonese, German, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian , French, Russian and Japanese.

Our dynamic team has established strong relationships with all of Sydney’s 5-star hotel concierge departments, and a growing partnership with experienced high-end travel agents in both Australia and the USA.

Every hour spent on an Ultimately Sydney guided tour is guaranteed to unveil a unique and exciting component of our fabulous city, showcasing the history, architecture, gourmet food and wine, craft beer, interesting spaces, stunning scenery, short walks along the coast and incredible nightlife sites. Our itineraries include;

  • Small Group Tours (travelling with other people in groups of 2 – 14 passengers)
  • Luxury Private Tours
  • Walking Tours
  • Large Group & Special Interest Tours

Tours by Ultimately Sydney