The Living Desert and Sculptures (NSW)

The Living Desert

Inside the Living Desert Reserve are two must see significant attractions – the figures and the verdure asylum.

The Sculptures include 12 sandstone works of art which feature the horizon, all with a story to tell. Situated on a lofty ridge inside the focal point of the hold, the models were finished in 1993 by craftsmen from around the globe.

The Flora and Fauna Sanctuary involves a zone of 180 hectares flanked by an electric predator-confirmation fence. This asylum has been arranged and planned cautiously to furnish guests with a one of a kind knowledge into verdure, fauna and Aboriginal culture of western New South Wales. This is genuinely an asylum with a distinction; the one and a half kilometer social path inside the haven takes you on a voyage through the Arboretum and Sturt Pea Wildflower show, Aboriginal attractions show past culture and late contemporary story post work of art.

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