Sovereign Hill (VIC)

Sovereign Hill enlivens the energy of Australia’s incredible 1850s expeditions for unheard of wealth in Ballarat. Named Australia’s best ‘Significant Tourist Attraction’ multiple times, most as of late in 2016, Sovereign Hill gives an exceptional Australian encounter and an entire day of stimulation.

There’s genuine gold to be panned – and it’s ‘whoever finds the goods first should be able to keep them’, an underground gold mine, road theater and the chance to meet costumed goldfields characters. See an awesome $150,000 gold pour and visit with talented experts at work in the metal forger’s manufacture, the flame works, the wheelwright’s plant, the mentor manufacturer’s and the candy parlor industrial facility.

Sovereign Hill section additionally incorporates passage to the Gold Museum which shows a delightful display of gold and Ballarat history.

Brilliant convenience is accessible on location at the as of late revamped Sovereign Hill Hotel. Settlement choices incorporate wonderfully delegated Governor’s rooms or agreeable Sovereign spaces for couples and for families look over roomy well-named Colonial rooms or reasonable family rooms. All convenience rates are comprehensive of breakfast.

If you don’t mind contact Sovereign Hill or view their site for additional data.

How far is Sovereign Hill from Melbourne?

  • The distance between Melbourne and Sovereign Hill is 115 km.

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