South Durras to Batemans Bay (NSW)

Batemans Bay

Batemans Bay is in An 17 kilometer ocean paddle along a calm coastline of little sea shores and tough headlands in Murramarang National Park. As you come past Wasp Island you will get the untamed ocean conditions.

The topography here is awesome – you’re at the south finish of the Sydney Sandstone Basin going back to somewhere in the range of 200 and 300 million years. That is 200 million years more youthful than the Wagonga development which you will consider rising to be you pass Dark Beach. As you round the headland north of Richmond Beach pause for a moment to value the superb upward angling fold in the bluff face.

Most sea shores face south east and have incredible dumping surfs if a southerly swell is up. More secure arrivals can be found once you enter Batemans Bay. Richmond Beach is the least demanding for arriving on course.

Dispatch at the pontoon incline at Cookies Beach off Banyandah Street, South Durras. For a shorter choice, finish at Maloneys Beach. Grill outing region and toilets are at Cookies Beach.

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