Scenic World Blue Mountains (NSW)

Blue Mountains

Prestigious Scenic World Australia is under two hours from Sydney, for giving a definitive Blue Mountains experience – from local birdlife and outside air, to amazing perspectives on the World Heritage-recorded district including the Three Sisters, Katoomba Falls and Jamison Valley.

Travel on the world’s steepest slope railroad, coast between clifftops on the glass-stunned Skyway suspended 270 meters noticeable all around, drop into the old Jamison Valley by Cableway, explore Jurassic rainforest along the 2.4 kilometers walkway – the longest promenade in Australia.

Make a day of it! Beautiful World offers free throughout the day stopping and a decision of on location feasting choices.

How much does the scenic railway cost?

  • The expense of riding the 415 metres (1360 ft) down the mountain on this railway is a whopping $35pp (for adults) for publication.

How long do you need at Scenic World Australia?

  • One hour is normally enough to take all three rides at least once and take a short stroll. You can spend one and a half hours, but you shouldn’t need more than two hours, if you want to ride more than once, or if you want to take your time on a stroll.


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Blue Mountains All Inclusive Tour

Blue Mountains All Inclusive Tour

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