Pambula River Mouth (nsw)

Pambula River Mouth

Unblemished water a shade somewhere close to green and blue and encompassed by national park, Pambula River Mouth is genuinely an exceptional spot to go through a day. Settled within Pambula Beach’s southern headland, Pambula River Mouth is perfectly shielded from wind and swell originating from the south. Just around the fact of the matter is Lions Beach, where you can sit on the sand, watch upbeat canines race here and there or simply keep your eyes on the water and sit tight for dolphins and ocean flying creatures to journey by (and whales as well, in case you’re here during spring).

The street is steep, anyway there are two level vehicle leaves held for individuals with an incapacity, and a level pathway to available toilets and open air shower. Appreciate the lush foreshore where there is a youngsters’ play area with net swing.

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