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Outback Elite Tours offers a memorable and personal outback adventure from Alice Springs. We are an award-winning VIP, private and conventional tour operator. Owner operated and fully accredited, in a comfortably and in a way that the major operators can not match, we can bring the famous landmarks of Uluru, Kata-Tjuta, or Kings Canyon off the beaten track. Sleeping in luxury hotels or under the stars we deliver half-day, fullday or multiday adventures! We will create a tour that fits any design or standard of comfort.

Outback Tours Alice Springs operate nn English, Italian and Spanish.

Filippo Owner of Outback Elite Tours

Born and raised in a small village named Borgo San Siro, in the northern part of Italy, I really loved meeting new friends, travelling the world and adventure: living the dream pretty much!
Since graduating in Interpreting and Communication I worked as sales manager for a packaging company and moved with my girlfriend to Australia in 2011.

On board of an old 4WD, we travelled a year in a Sydney to Sydney trip through this beautiful country, travelling 38,075 km and falling in love with every place we’ve been. Australia fascinated us so much we wanted to start a new Down Under life here.

It was a decision made with our hearts, and we chose Australia ‘s heart to live on: the magnificent Red Centre!

In April 2013, we moved to Alice Springs and fell in love with the area, the bloody hot summer, the people, the red soil, nature and all this beautiful Central Australia country.
We have lived here happily ever since. We also got married outside Uluru on the red sand!
I’ve been working here at the Center for two years as a Tour Guide for another tour operator and then for nearly a year as a Member Officer for Tourism Central Australia.

All of these jobs helped me create and grow awareness about this area and about the tourism sector.
I decided in January 2016 to devote myself completely to this project which I called Outback Elite Tours. My goal is to run tours of the highest standards in English, Italian and Spanish offering all my passengers a special, memorable and customised experience.

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