North Stradbroke Island (QLD)

Rich indigenous culture, plentiful wildlife diversity and a laid-back sense of community await you on North Stradbroke Island, just a 15-minute boat ride from the Redlands Coast bayside of Brisbane (45 if you take a car ferry).

Known to its traditional owners, the Quandamooka people as Minjerribah, Stradbroke Island has yet another nickname that fits its down-to – earth character. Straddie, as the locals often refer to it, is the vision of a nature-lover.

Things to do on North Stradbroke Island

On Straddie Summer means long days packed with sun , sand and sea. For a truly transformative experience, immerse yourself at Manta Bommie in the realm of resident gentle giants, the inquisitive and welcoming manta rays. Established as one of Australia’s best dive sites, you’ll possibly also be swimming with turtles and coral sharks. The cooler months bring with them migration season and hundreds of pods of humpback whales and their calves, where they can be seen frolicking and showing off from many viewpoints across the island.

Rest assured that there is no bad time to visit, with plenty of encounters during the year that will leave a special impression on your heart and mind. The Goompi Trail is a historic walk with an indigenous local guide where you can learn about traditional methods of hunting, bush tucker and medicines. An early morning or evening stroll along the North Gorge Walk is as nice as it guarantees a nearby kangaroos and wallabies presence. Check out the sunrise and sunset jetty at Amity Point where the wild dolphins come to say hello. Even the local koalas are ready and waiting to spot you, so drive carefully-they love it here as much as we do.

Further inland is the Brown Lake, which gets its name from the surrounding tea trees which give its brown tinge to the clean and clear water. It’s the most picturesque skin treatment you’ll ever undergo, perfectly relaxing on your skin. If you prefer your lakes a more traditional hue, there’s also the Blue Lake. You can know that there is something unique about this still and quiet oasis, and because of its spiritual meaning for the people of Quandamooka, this is one location that is not for swimming.

There are plenty of cafes, markets, and beachside scenes suitable for local fare sampling. Head straight off the trawler into seafood; discover excellent fresh produce, coffee and breakfasts; or check out the Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel for a seafront meal and a Straddie Honey Cream Lager.

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Tour to North Stradbroke Island

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