Moreton Island (QLD)

Boom netting Moreton Island

A vision of an explorer just 75 minutes away by ferry from Brisbane, Moreton, the world’s third largest sand island, lies waiting for you to move into its natural wonder.

Known to the Ngugi people as Moorgumpin (Place of Sandhills), this island is only 4WD (or a tour with your own driver) accessible for self-drivers. From the moment your ferry docks and the 4WD line take turns to search the beach, you’ll know that your sense of exploration won’t go unsatisfied.

Things to do on Moreton Island

And not the famous sandhills. Not just an beautiful place to watch the sunrise as the violet and orange hues light up the sky, they ‘re just asking you to wax up a sandboard and feel the rush of wind blowing through your hair as you drive down dunes.

The freshwater Blue Lagoon is tucked away further inland, a great spot for a swim. But don’t worry if the water on the day you visit has more of a brown tinge; the shallow water takes on the oil colour from the nearby tea trees so be sure to give a quiet word of thanks to Mother Nature for the skin care.

Further north you will find the Champagne Pools, where you can have a front row seat at one of the best spectacles in existence. The pools sparkle like they’ve got to earn their name every day. It’s so cool that you’re going to have to remember to take your camera out to snap a video.

You’ll see the Tangalooma Wrecks from the East side of the island. The cluster of 17 intentionally sunken ships is now home base for a colourful life kaleidoscope and kayakers, snorkellers and divers playground.

You can find Tangalooma Island Resort nearby and if you want to start and end your days in total comfort this is the spot. With the resort you can embark on day tours and this is one way to see Moreton Island without your own wheels. Every evening, you can also enter the wild dolphin feeding experience, plus have access to restaurants, bars and cafes in the resort.

Also leave the day trips directly from Brisbane CBD, or if you want a complete immersion in nature, take your pick from the campgrounds on the Island. You can wake up from your warm, snug bed in one of the bookable glamping tents to the sound of the birds for something in between.

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Tours to Moreton Island (QLD)

Eco Marine Safari

Eco Marine Safari – Boom netting & Snorkeling Moreton Island – Roma St Transfers

Boom netting Moreton Island

Eco Marine Safari – Boom netting & Snorkeling Moreton Island – Fortitude Valley Transfers

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