Montague Island Nature Reserve (NSW)

Montague Island

Montague Island Nature Reserve is home to many seals and in excess of 90 winged animal species. Appreciate a stay in a legacy beacon guardian’s bungalow.

Montague Island Nature Reserve, simply off the South Coast close Narooma, offers the opportunity to encounter a fabulous untamed life wonderland. Pick a day trip or enjoy your internal sailor and remain in memorable beacon convenience. There is consistently the choice to truly get among it and become a preservation volunteer. Any way you experience it, the unbelievable legacy, natural life and amazing island perspectives could keep you returning.

Visit from pre-spring to early December to see many seals lazing on the stones, or bring your binoculars for a spot of birdwatching. In excess of 90 winged creature species have been seen on the island and 15 of them home over summer. During spring, you’re probably going to see whales skipping in the water on their yearly southern relocation. Their proficient visit aides will be available to respond to every one of your inquiries.

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