Magnetic Island (QLD)

Step off from Townsville on a short ferry ride and you’re welcomed by the natural unspoiled beauty of Magnetic Island, Queensland, Australia and 23 sandy beaches. The idyllic paradise, however, is far from quiet.

Magnetic Island makes you feel more alive with every moment, from watersports to nature, or the wind in your hair at the wheel of a retro mini-moke or topless vehicle.

Things to do on Magnetic Island

Get your excitement to jet skiing, wakeboarding, or kayaking at Horseshoe Bay, the largest on the island, complete with swimming pool, parkland, and a strip of restaurants and hotels. Cast a line or a rocky spot from the beach; or set sail at sunset and raise a bottle to the colourful tropical skies.

More than two-thirds of Magnetic Island is a national park, with eucalyptus forests, granite headlands, hoop pines, hidden waterfalls and secluded beaches lined with 25 km of bush walks. From Forts Walk, you can see a few members of the largest wild koala population in Northern Australia, and stroll past the remains of the WWII military base with sweeping views around the island and back to the mainland. A beautiful 15-minute ramble followed by clouds of blue monarch butterflies in the winter is the more open Butterfly Walk; or scramble up to Geoffrey Bay to find bold rock wallabies.

Become even more cosy with koalas at the Bungalow Bay Koala Village eco-resort, or saddle up across jungle, sand, and crystal clear waters for a horse ride. At Nelly Bay and Geoffrey Bay, the snorkelling paths abound with marine life, incredible coral formations and even a 1913 German shipwreck. Humpback whales can be spotted from August till October, while tortoises laying their precious eggs were spotted between November and January.

Named by Captain Cook (as he theorised his magnetic force causing his compass malfunction), the now-disproved name of Magnetic Island is still relevant: the urge to remain is intense while you are there. If you aren’t, so is the pull to come back.

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