Lesmurdie Falls (WA)

One of the most impressive waterfalls on the Darling Range escarpment is Lesmurdie Falls, situated in the Mundy Regional Park in the hills east of Perth. Depending on the time you have, your level of fitness and the degree of difficulty you select, there are a range of walking trails you can explore from here.

Lesmurdie Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls on the Darling Range escarpment, located in the Lesmurdie Falls National Park on the hills east of Perth. Beginning at the top, this moderate two-kilometer walking circuit meands down to the base of the falls, near the exuberant greenery.

This highway begins on the top of the falls, where Lesmurdie’s book overlooks the Escarpment of Darling. When you walk down the hill, you follow the brook until you reach a bridge above the falls. Take a look at the top and see water fall.

The path continues up to the base of the hills for a picnic. From here is a trail leading to the foundation of the falls. In New Zealand it’s more like a waterfall than in Perth. The exuberant vegetation spreads over the base of the waterfall by the bubbling brook.

It is steep but short to climb the hill to return to the car park. In the nearby Kalamunda Village, enjoy a morning tea or lunch.

Photo & Content: westernaustralia.com

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