Lancelin sand dunes (WA)

The township of Lancelin on the Turquoise Coast of Western Australia is one of the best hidden holiday secrets in the province. The crisp white dunes, clean beaches and comfortable seaside lifestyle are rapidly falling for WA locals and foreign tourists. You can sand board here at Lancelin sand dunes, which is the largest of Western Australia’s, massive 45-degree angle dunes.

The panoramic views of Lancelin, the farmlands, the sandy hills and the coastline from the tops will be rewarded.

The sand dune system measures approximately two kilometres and is nestled directly inside the city of Lancelin.

North of Perth is Lancelin 1.5-hour drive.

How do you get to Lancelin sand dunes?

  • Situated just 1.5 hours north of Perth, the Lancelin Dunes are an easy day ride. You could book a day trip from Perth or renting a car and driving on your own is surely an alternative.

How far is pinnacles from Lancelin?

  • 50 km is the distance between Lancelin and Pinnacles. The distance by road is 76.9 km.


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