Lake Hillier (WA)

Lake Hillier Tour

Picture the lake next to the deepest blue sea, which has a brightest bubblegum-pink. Hillier Lake is one of the exceptional points of view you can enjoy flying or cruising in the pristine wilderness of the Research Archipelago.

The largest island in Recherche is situated on Middle Island, on Cape Arid’s shore, 11 kilometres from the coast.

The lake is divided by just a thin strip of sand from the South Sea and is commonly believed to have an extremely high degree of salinity in the water’s permanent strawberry milking shake colour. The discovery was made in 1802 when Matthew Flinders conducted an island expedition and collected a sample from the lake, but no clear evidence exists that salt is at the root of his unique colouring.

This rather small element, measuring only 600 metres wide and shaped like a footprint, will impact enormously if viewed from a picturesque flight or cruise and create an amazing setting in marine life, the untouched islands of the Recherche archipelago.

Why is Lake Hillier in Australia pink?

  • The explanation for its unusual colour is still a subject that scientists do not completely understand, although most believe it has to do with the existence of the microalgae of Dunaliella salina. Carotenoids, a pigment often present in carrots, are formed by Dunaliella. But a further possibility may be the presence of halophilic bacteria in the salt crusts. It can also be caused by a reaction between the salt and the sodium bicarbonate present in the water.

How do I get to Lake Hillier?

  • Lake Hillier can only be reached by air or by sea. On Middle Island, you can’t land, but the view from the air is amazing.


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