Karijini National Park (WA)

The Karijini National Park is one of the most beautiful natural destinations in Western Australia and provides two billion years of breathtaking hiking routes through ancient gorges. Karijini National Park is a must for everyone with a passion for adventure with its gorges, cristal clear rock pools and waterfalls.

Forge marbled rock caves, scramble across boulders, swim through narrow tunnels, descend through vast abysses deep into the oceans.

The spectacular sights and trails at different levels are easily accessible, so that everyone can enjoy these beautiful sceneries.

Permanent pools of water mean that a cool swim is always open. There are nice picnic areas and campgrounds within the park.

The National Park Karijini is approximately two hours from Newman town by road. The best way to get to this is to take a bus of four wheels. Visitors are arriving from Perth to Karijini and the vicinity from a variety of tour operators.

Camping is a special experience in western Australia’s natural areas. Selected fields throughout the country can now be booked for a trial period online.

content: westernaustralia.com

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