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Experience Gold Coast Duck Tour on the most new and eco-friendly * amphibian Quack’r’Duck in the world! Unlike never before, explore surfing heaven. Taking a ride down the idyllic coastline of Surfers Paradise and over the man-made coral reef of the narrowneck. See your elevated seating spot for the thrill of SeaWorld. Then brace for the excitement of splashing into the deep water only to find out that the Quack.

Surfers Paradise is one of Australia’s biggest tourist towns, with an array of outdoor activities and no lack of attractions to enjoy for the whole family. If you’re in Surfers Paradise looking for stuff to do, you’ll be spoiled for options. For many years Surfers Paradise has kept a special place in the heart of Queenslanders and the famous city appears to symbolise the most influential aspects of Queensland’s laid back lifestyle. Do a one-hour amphibious Gold Coast Duck Tour for a great introduction to one of the most beautiful places on earth.

History Of the Quack’R’Duck Bus Gold Coast

In 1992 the McIntyre family set up a company in Surfers Paradise with the aim of running an amphibious bus tour. There were two other amphibious tours operating in Australia at the time; one in the ‘City of 1770’ using an ex-army 5 Ton LARK, and another in a rainforest outside Cairns using an ex-army 1940s DUKW steel. None of these vehicles is qualified for use on public highways in Australia.

The DUKW were not well-engineered, made of steel and not suitable for effective tourist sight seeing tours on public highways.

It was deemed to use the higher engineered amphibious craft of the LARC V Army (design of the late 1950s), which at about this time became available through an Army Auction.

The LARC V is 3 metres long, with a limit of 2,5 metres on Australian public roads with allowable vehicle width. It was originally envisaged that to operate this as a tourist vehicle on Public Roads in Surfers Paradise, a large vehicle permit would be obtainable. Yet this notion easily overcame when considering practical considerations.

It was at this point that the Company determined that to operate this as a tourist vehicle on Public Roads it would ‘bite the bullet’ and highly change the Army LARC including narrowing the vehicle to 2,5 m.

Those modifications were complete after 3 years of design and engineering

Australia itself was the first country in the world to successfully change the 5-ton LARC, including reducing the vehicle’s width to 2,5 metres, which is necessary while driving on public roads.

Aquabus Safaris started touristic operations on the Gold Coast in May 1996.

The Gold Coast today is synonymous with amphibious bus tours cruising along Surfers Paradise streets and sailing on the Broadwater.

Aquabus Safaris Company was sold by new owners in 2004.

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