Food and Drink (TAS)

The fertile soil, clear air and clean water of Tasmania encourage committed growers to create a genuine food and drink tours.

Tasmania is a good place to learn about fresh produce and try it. From cheap and cheerful pubs to high-end bars and restaurants, you can find it in farmers ‘ markets and in local eateries. You can also stop and buy from the roadside stalls – you’ll always find integrity boxes all over the state in Tasmania.

With our pinot noir and sparkling wines, Tasmania is also home to some of Australia’s leading cool climate wines that attract the attention of wine makers from around the world.

For the production of beer, whisky and gin, our clean , green climate is also perfect. You can find our boutique breweries and distilleries showing their goods at the doors of the cellar where you can sample the goods and speak to the producer.

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Food and Drink Tours in Tasmania

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