The lunar-like Pinnacles structure a standout amongst Australia’s most novel and captivating common scenes. Shaped more than a large number of years, a huge number of tall limestone towers rise frightfully out of the yellow desert sands of Nambung National Park, simply outside the seaside town of Cervantes.

In less than 3 hours from Perth, following the Indian Ocean Drive, you can ship yourself to a different universe, wandering into the Pinnacles along the grand drive or walk trail. Or on the other hand, you can let another person take the haggle a mentor or four wheel drive visit from Perth or Cervantes.

Remain at the post and consider the common powers of water and wind that molded the Pinnacles from seashells more than a huge number of years.

Even better, visit the Pinnacles Desert Discovery Center and see the Pinnacles’ story uncovered in interpretive showcases, just as certain bits of knowledge into the plants and creatures that have made their home here.

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