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Kayak with dolphins on the Pacific Ocean around Byron Bay in the crystal clear sea. We are your Local Surf Lifesavers Sea Kayak Adventure expert. Climb on our super sturdy kayaks and enjoy the view of Cape Byron as you go kayaking to nearby dolphins. Stop from the hidden reefs of kayaking and snorkelling with turtles to see the huge Humpback Whales just metres off your kayaking during the season of migration.

TIPS For Efficient Kayak Paddling On Your Tour

1) Everyone can: It is true. One of the most important things to take on your kayak tour is a ‘Can Do’ attitude. Everything is easier with that anyhow.

2) Reach Out: Just like the classic hit of Mo Town, when you’re going to take a stroke in the water, reach your toes. You’ll benefit from a longer stroke in many ways but reaching gives you a strong catch to start with.

3) It Takes Two Baby: You are normally matched up with someone in your kayak when we’re on song themes. Coordinated paddling is also helpful to keep your kayak straight. Time-both of you paddling will save you too much time for dolphin spotting and you’ll most likely be much faster.

4) Use your body: Try and think only of your arms as the point of contact with your paddles. Using your core muscles and back / shoulder will give you a massive advantage over just having someone pull their arms on their paddle.

These basic tips should be enough for anyone to handle a Go Sea Kayak tour with ease and concentrate on enjoying the experience. Your guides will always be on hand to provide any advice you need and will make sure you feel like a kayaking professional before the end of the trip.

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