Bruny Island (TAS)

Bruny Island features some of the most beautifully preserved natural habitats in Tasmania with abundant wildlife and breathtaking top views of the mountain.

The island is about 50 km long but appears to be two islands joined by a narrow strip of land called The Neck, with North and South Bruny. This isthmus is a major native wildlife sanctuary.

South Bruny National Park is a highlight, with tall cliffs overlooking long sandy beaches, coastal heathland, and underwater kelp seaweed gardens with some spectacular bushwalks to take it all in.

The island is also a refuge for many plants and animals which are rare and endangered.

Exploring Bruny can be as fast and simple as taking a beautiful half-day boat ride around the island, but the many secrets of this special place reveal a longer stay.

Take the time to enjoy the popular local produce; Bruny is home to oyster, cheese and chocolate specialist producers.

There are plenty of places to stay with accommodation, from welcoming campsites to luxurious retreats on the beachfront.

Bruny Island is accessed from Kettering, about a 35-minute drive south of Hobart, via a 20-minute crossing on a vehicular ferry. The service operates seven days a week.

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Tours to Bruny Island

Bruny Island Overnight Explorer Includes meals and accommodation from Hobart

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