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Bridge Climb Brisbane is the most iconic structure in Brisbane and the best way to see Brisbane is by climbing it! Experience a unique view of the city and its surroundings, from the Glass House Mountains in the north to Moreton Bay in the east and towards the Scenic Rim Mountains in the south, along with the best views of the skyline of Brisbane and its surroundings. So if you are searching for attractions in Brisbane, stuff to do in Brisbane, or what’s on Brisbane, don’t look any further! Story Bridge Adventure Climb is one of only 3 bridge climbs in the world and provides an original adventure.

Climb Queries

How long does the adventure take from start to finish?
The climb experience takes approximately 2 hours. This includes your briefing, safety demonstration and the climb route.

What should I wear?
All climbers are supplied with a fully enclosed climb suit. Our climb leaders will talk to you about the weather conditions on the day and will suggest what would be comfortable to wear on the climb in conjunction with your climb suit. Accessories provided are, but not limited to, hats, handkerchiefs, sunglasses lanyards, rain resistant jackets and sunscreen. All climbers are required to wear fully enclosed rubber soled footwear.

What language will the commentary be given in?
The commentary will be given in English & Chinese.

How do I hear the commentary?
Commentary is now delivered by a purpose built app housed on our very own Story Bridge Adventure Climb iPod, where the user is in control of the experience, fun, informative and individual.

Will I be able to communicate with fellow climbers/climb leader?
You will be unable to communicate through the radio headset. You will be able to interact with your fellow climbers and the climb leader throughout the entire climb experience.

What can you take onto the climb?
Personal items will not be permitted to be taken on the climb including, cameras, videos, pagers, mobile phones and handbags. We will provide each climber a locker in which personal items can be stored. The views are so amazing that you won’t even miss your phone during this Brisbane bridge climb.

Am I required to wear a climb suit?
All climbers will be required to wear a climb suit over their existing clothes. Climb suits will be provided once checked in. Climbs suits are part of our standard safety equipment. Suits are worn to blend in with the colouring of the bridge and therefore not distract drivers crossing the bridge.

Will your guides have first aid training
Our climb staff are experienced and fully trained in first aid and safety requirements for the climb.

What will happen if I am late for my climb?
Climbs must run on scheduled time. Climbs will not be held for late arrivals. A late arrival will lead to forfeiting your ticket.

Is the climb safe?
The climb is completely safe & secure. Each climber wears a safety belt harness attached via a lanyard to the bridge safety cable for the duration of the climb.

What weather conditions would I expect in Brisbane?
One of the greatest reasons for Brisbane being a much-loved city is due to its sensational weather. Winter is a superb season in our city with vast blue skies often accompanied by a dry, cool breeze. Summer is sultry, with a possibility of late afternoon storms.

What happens when it rains?
Story Bridge Adventure Climb is open for operation during most weather conditions.
If it rains (normally only during the tropical summer months), we will provide climbers with an all weather jacket. We do, however, suggest you bring a spare pair of shoes and socks.

Should I wear sunscreen?
We want everyone to protect themselves from UV rays in all areas not covered by climb suits (eg. face, hands etc). We provide climbers with sunscreen and hats.

For safety reasons, you cannot take your camera (including video cameras) with you. So, there are a number of spots where your Climb Leader will take photos. These photos are available for purchase from the Gift Shop after your climb.

Health and Fitness

Will I need to have climbing experience?
You don’t need experience, you just need to have a go! Some of our friends have even climbed the bridge to overcome a fear of heights. We offer a secure environment to face your fear and our Climb Leaders are there to look after you every step of the way.

I’m pregnant. Can I still climb?
Ladies who are pregnant can be up to 20 weeks and still be able to climb. However, due to the nature of the activity pregnant ladies are not permitted to do the Abseil Climb. Please note, you do climb at your own risk and are required to wear a safety harness throughout the duration of the climb.

Age, height and weight restrictions?
Anyone who is 6 years of age and older who can sustain moderate physical exertion can take on this challenge. All persons climbing must be 110cm and over and weigh under 131.5KG. The weight restriction is due to the restrictions of the safety equipment used. For the Abseil Climb there is a maximum weight restriction allowed of 131.5KG.

Vertigo – What will happen if I get frightened?
We’ve taken every precaution in our safety procedures to ensure that our adventure climb experience is a safe experience. For the entire duration of the climb, all climbers are attached to a static line with all climb leaders being trained to support and encourage those who are a little anxious while climbing.
If you have a fear of heights, please advise climb leaders prior to the start of the climb.

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