Bouddi Coastal Walk (NSW)

Bouddi coastal walk

The eight kilometer Bouddi seaside walk runs from Putty Beach to MacMasters Beach. Flaunting sea shores, footpaths and birdlife, it’s known as one of the most excellent focal coast strolls. This moderately simple climb is described by clearing sees, obscure rainforest and welcoming outing spots.

There’s a photograph opportunity around each corner on Bouddi seaside walk. You may see wildflowers or moving whales from Gerrin Point post, alongside the Bouddi National Park Marine Extension and the PS Maitland wreck at the eastern finish of Maitland Bay. Remain medium-term before you set off at Putty Beach campground or stop en route at Little Beach campground.

Incline toward a shorter walk? Break the stroll into shorter areas – Putty Beach to Maitland Bay (three kilometers); Maitland Bay to Little Beach (3.5 kilometers); or Little Beach to MacMasters Beach (1.7 kilometers).

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