Bittangabee Bay (NSW)

Bittangabee Bay

A rough encased sound with a little, grand sea shore, Bittangabee Bay is an engaging spot to kick back and absorb terrific coastline sees. Remote without being blocked off, it offers isolated swimming and angling in a flawless indigenous habitat. Bring an excursion lunch and a couple of binoculars for a spot of birdwatching and whale viewing during the relocation season.

Bittangabee Bay is effectively available from Bittangabee campground, and walkers will need to attempt Bittangabee Bay to Green Cape walk, some portion of the notable Light to Light walk. There are even close by ruins for history buffs, and a bounty of neighborhood untamed life for the naturalists. Since a long time ago nosed bandicoots, wombats, brush-followed possums, and trim screens all live in the region.

For a genuine experience, visit Bittangabee Bay as a feature of Light to Light walk, or convey in an ocean kayak and oar the reasonable waters.

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